Pulse Survey: How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping the Future of Customer Experience

Our most recent CX Pulse Survey reveals a trend that’s hard to ignore: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming a linchpin in customer experience (CX) strategies.

As organizations continue to refine their AI-powered solutions, the focus areas are becoming clearer. These results were gathered via email and social media invites on May 12-July 6, 2023. A total of 25 CX leaders participated in the surveying.

AI-Powered Solutions Lead the Charge in CX Innovation

A staggering 84% of organizations are prioritizing consumer-facing solutions when it comes to AI development. This shows a significant lean towards technologies that directly engage with the customer, enhancing interactions and improving satisfaction. Insights and analytics solutions are also high on the agenda, with 72% of companies investing in these areas to better understand customer behaviors and preferences.

Agent-facing and language services solutions follow closely, at 64% and 52%, respectively, suggesting that AI tools are also designed to empower employees and facilitate communication. Back-office solutions are gaining traction at 28%, although they remain less of a priority compared to direct customer engagement tools.

Interestingly, not a single respondent claimed to be disengaged from focusing on AI-powered solutions, indicating that AI is now a universal interest in the realm of CX.

Investment in AI: A Look Ahead

When asked about the anticipated investment in AI-powered solutions over the next 12 months, the responses were telling:

  • 29% believe there will be much more attention and investment in AI.
  • Half of the respondents foresee more attention being directed towards AI initiatives.
  • 17% anticipate maintaining about the same level of attention as before.

This data underscores the industry’s bullish outlook on AI, with most organizations gearing up to increase their investment in the technology.

The Concerns Surrounding AI in CX

Despite the enthusiasm, apprehensions about AI in CX remain. The primary concern, shared by 33% of leaders, is the potential for AI solutions to have a negative impact on CSAT. Close behind is the worry underperform or fail to meet expectations, cited by 29% of respondents.

Additionally, 13% are concerned about the imbalance between cost and value provided, while another 13% have various other concerns. A small group, 12%, are uncertain or preferred not to disclose their concerns.

Quality and Performance Monitoring: A Vital Statistic

A critical aspect of deploying AI solutions is the monitoring of their quality and performance, especially in comparison to agent-assisted solutions.

The survey shows a fairly even spread in the monitoring approaches:

  • 45% monitor their AI-powered solutions about the same as agent-assisted solutions.
  • 22% do so more closely, hinting at a rigorous approach to quality assurance.
  • 22% monitor less closely, potentially indicating a higher level of trust or satisfaction with AI performance.
  • Surprisingly, 11% do not monitor their AI solutions at all, suggesting a gap that could lead to oversight in performance and customer satisfaction.

Methodology and More Insights

The survey’s insights were compiled through emails and social media invites from May 12 to July 6, 2023, involving 25 customer experience leaders. For those looking for more detailed insights and methodological notes, Execs In The Know offers extensive research and a wealth of resources available on their website.

The CX Pulse Survey makes one thing clear: AI for CX is not just a fleeting trend but a transformative force that is reshaping how organizations interact with customers and manage experiences. As we continue to navigate this evolving landscape, staying informed and agile will be key to leveraging AI’s full potential in delivering exceptional customer experiences.

The intent of the Pulse Survey data is to provide CX insight snapshots into various CX-related topics. This Pulse Survey research will be conducted and published on a periodic basis, driven by emerging interest in various topics within the Execs In The Know community. For more CX research, we invite you to explore our Research Library.