Outsourcing Practices Are Evolving — Find Out What’s Changing

Within the dynamic realm of business process outsourcing (BPO), customer experience (CX) leaders stand at the intersection of transformation while remaining committed to their primary objective—creating exceptional experiences for customers. Our recent CX Outsourcing Insights: Building Successful Relationships in Times of Change report (released June 2023) offers valuable perspectives from CX leaders who manage BPO relationships or utilize outsourcing services. This research has unveiled crucial findings highlighting the evolving landscape of BPO outsourcing practices in the context of CX.

Here are just a few of those findings.

Strategic Objectives: According to survey respondents, the top objectives for outsourcing include reducing costs (30%), meeting staffing requirements (25%), and reducing risk while building redundancies (19%). These objectives underscore the importance of cost-efficiency and operational flexibility in an uncertain economic climate.

Work-from-Home Challenges: The shift to work-from-home has been a significant adaptation, with 48% of respondents expressing concerns about connectivity and internet issues. Agent engagement and supervision (45%) and data security (43%) have also emerged as key challenges in this new working paradigm.

Pricing Dynamics: Thirty-three percent of respondents have reported being asked for price increases by their BPO partners in the past year. This indicates the importance of maintaining a transparent and fair pricing structure and negotiation process.

Cultural Alignment: One of the most vital considerations for survey respondents when selecting a new BPO partner is “cultural alignment.” Building a strong cultural fit with BPO providers ensures that values and ethics are in harmony, essential for seamless collaboration and outstanding customer experiences.

The CX outsourcing industry is constantly evolving, with new destinations, practices, and competition. What remains constant is the need to build strong relationships with providers and prioritize the customer experience. The insights from our recent research reinforce the idea that BPO outsourcing is not merely a cost-saving strategy but a critical tool for adapting to change and building customer loyalty.

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