Introducing The CX Leadership Exchange Series: Episode 1 Featuring Microsoft’s Peter Mallot

Are you seeking inspiration and empowerment in your role as a customer experience (CX) leader? You can look no further than Episode 1 of The CX Leadership Exchange featuring Microsoft’s Peter Mallot. The CX Leadership Exchange is a transformative new on-demand series from Execs In The Know that is curated to elevate CX professionals across diverse industries. This unique platform invites you to watch, listen, learn, and get inspired through authentic conversations.

The CX Leadership Exchange offers an immersive experience aimed at redefining leadership trajectories. Each episode features engaging discussions delving into the personal and professional journeys of today’s most influential CX leaders, revealing pivotal moments, career highs and lows, and invaluable lessons learned.

Get to Know Peter Mallot

In this first episode of The CX Leadership Exchange, Chad McDaniel, host and President/co-founder of Execs In The Know, sits down with Peter, a veteran leader with over 26 years of experience at Microsoft, to discuss his career journey, emphasizing the significance of leadership, empowerment, and customer-centricity in shaping success. Peter reflects on pivotal moments, such as standing up for customers during critical product launches and showcasing the importance of advocating for the customer’s viewpoint even amid organizational pressure.

Throughout the discussion, he highlights the evolution of leadership styles, the value of feedback, and the need to embrace change in the rapidly shifting landscape of customer experience and support.

Peter stresses the importance of courageous and visionary leadership, urging individuals to lead with conviction, confidence, and a compelling narrative. He emphasizes the impact of mentorship, the cultivation of essential skills, and the adaptation to evolving industry dynamics. The dialogue underscores the essence of empowering teams, fostering a culture of open-mindedness, and recognizing the value of feedback in driving growth and organizational success.

Ultimately, Peter’s insights emphasize the critical role of leadership in navigating transformations in customer service and the imperative of staying customer-focused while embracing change and leading with conviction.

Reasons to Watch Peter Mallot’s Episode

Empower Your Leadership: Immerse yourself in narratives of resilience and innovation, enriching your leadership journey and broadening your perspective.

Challenge Conventional Thinking: Embrace an environment that encourages questioning the status quo, fostering innovative ideas, and transformative thinking.

Reflect and Evolve: Explore the introspective side of leadership, drawing inspiration from experiences while contemplating personal career growth.

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