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Execs In The Know Releases Comprehensive CX Outsourcing Research Report

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, US, April 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Global customer experience (CX) industry leader Execs In The Know is proud to announce the release of CX Outsourcing: An Exploration of Current Conditions and Future Changes, a special CX topic-based report that debuted at the company’s Customer Response Summit event in Clearwater, Florida (March 28–30, 2022). The report was released in both print and digital formats, and it is produced in partnership with Inspiro, outsourcing specialists with expertise in combining operational excellence, technology, and insights to deliver award-winning customer experiences.

This new report focuses squarely on one of the industry’s hottest topics — outsourcing. From current program structures to challenges, opportunities, and future changes, CX Outsourcing Insights provides nearly 30 pages of results, analysis, and insights.

Developed from an invite-only survey aimed at CX leaders who manage CX-related outsourcer programs and relationships, the report is based on data samples from 44 participants and is designed to help readers truly understand current market conditions, as well as how practitioners plan to navigate future headwaters.

Key results from this new outsourcing-specific report include:

  • Satisfaction with Outsourcer performance is high, with more than three-quarters (84%) of respondents Very Satisfied or Satisfied with partner results
  • CX leaders identified additional opportunities to improve staffing, quality, and performance, highlighting the need for Outsourcers to increase focus in these areas
  • Although 62% of leaders made changes to partner portfolios in the past 18 months, only 26% have definitive plans for future change

“As a natural extension of our existing research, topic-based research like this outsourcing report is something we are so happy to deliver to our community for an extra layer of information at their fingertips,” said Susan McDaniel, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Execs In The Know. “This new report provides unique insight into the inner workings of today’s outsourcing partnership, revealing what’s working, and what could be working better. Many organizations are still discovering what works best, and learnings from this report can help guide the way.”

In addition to the release of CX Outsourcing Insights: An Exploration of Current Conditions and Future Changes, Execs In The Know has simultaneously released CX Leaders Trends & Insights: 2021 Corporate Edition, the second volume in their biannual CX series. You can find downloadable copies of these and other reports within the company’s CX Research Library.

If you’d like to participate in a future CX-related survey, please send a note expressing your interest to Susan McDaniel at Susan@ExecsInTheKnow.com.