Virtual Executive Briefings are small, collaborative group sessions that offer an unparalleled opportunity to meet and engage with other CX executives by sharing best practices through an unfiltered discussion. It’s an opportunity to come to the table with your insights and gain perspectives and actionable takeaways to help you solve your most pressing CX challenges.

end-user corporate brands only

In response to the uncertain economic conditions, 80% of organizations have taken action to increase focus on ROI and financials.

Source: 2022 CX Leaders Trends & Insights Corporate Edition report



Now more than ever, brands are getting more strategic and hyper-intentional about navigating challenges and looking for ways to gain access to better technologies and operational flexibility while building a leaner, more resilient, and more efficient team.

Join us April 27, 2023,  along with 20-30 of your peers, and a panel of Outsourcing industry experts, to discuss why Outsourcing is the Future of Business Success, Resilience, and Continuity. 

You’ll want to be part of this engaging, 2-hour conversation followed by a peer-to-peer, corporate-only discussion the following day.

(End-User Corporate Brands Only)

In efforts to improve program performance, more than 50% of leaders reported that they changed their Outsourcing portfolio over the past 18 months. Dissatisfaction with Performance (33%) was the most reported driver of change. Likely drivers of this dissatisfaction include failure to meet staffing targets and productivity goals.

Source: 2022 CX Outsourcing Insights: An Exploration of Current Conditions and Future Changes

Meet Your Hosts

As program leaders work to maximize opportunities and mitigate new challenges, planning for the unknown is a requirement. However, only 43% of leaders are Extremely Confident or Very Confident in existing Business Continuity Plans.

Source: 2022 CX Outsourcing Insights: An Exploration of Current Conditions and Future Changes 


Outsourcing Topic Highlights

Thinking ahead about the crucial elements of your CX Outsourcing strategy, from recruitment and training to business intelligence and performance management, you’ll be better equipped to drive the CX outcomes you want in 2023 and beyond.

The end game of customer care and service is customer satisfaction, but in today’s complex environment, how you get there may not be as clear-cut and straightforward as it seems.

During this Briefing, learn from others and share your winning strategies with your peers, especially those that helped you achieve the best possible outcomes.

In addition to the topics above, we will be addressing key trending shortcomings and opportunities currently facing our community. These topics will come directly from registered attendees in advance.


Some other possible discussion topics of the day could include:

    • Outsourcing’s increased value to brands in a down economy.  
    • Scaling back without sacrificing quality or efficiency.  
    • Diversifying and expanding into emerging markets with highly skilled talent.  
    • Solutions to long-lasting Outsourcing partnerships and quality CX.  
    • Optimizing the agent experience in the virtual workplace.
    • Staffing challenges with hiring and retention.
    • How automation is opening the door to more key opportunities. 
    • Consolidating partners, platforms, and tech stacks.


    Attendees should include corporate executives who are focused on the operational strategy and execution of customer care. This includes those who are currently using or considering using Outsourcing in their CX strategy. Vendor attendance at this event is limited to the participating panelists. 

    If you’re a vendor (provider of CX services/solutions), please contact us at info@execsintheknow.com to learn how to get involved.

Your Expert Panel

Along with Chad, the Panel will share their breadth and depth of insights.

Day one

April 27, 2023
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM ET

11:30 AM – 11:45 AM ET Welcome & Kickoff 
11:45 AM – 1:15 PM ET Outsourcing Discussion & Collaboration
1:15 PM– 1:30 PM ET Wrap Up

When you register, provide your top three most pressing questions or discussion points related to Outsourcing — your input will help influence the discussion. This will be a 2-hour deep-dive conversation to help inspire you, guide innovation, and give you insights to propel your strategies and CX offerings.

Don’t miss this powerful solution-focused event full of learning and sharing.

Day Two

April 28, 2023
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM ET

CX Brand Leaders – Let’s Keep the Conversation Going

We’re sure to uncover topics during the Briefing that you are passionate about, so we’ve reserved time to dig in deeper.

As a corporate brand CX leader, after you register for the Briefing, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to join us for a post-briefing, corporate-only discussion the following day (Friday, April 28th, 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM ET).

The goal of this session is to have a candid conversation with corporate-only attendees about key takeaways from the previous day’s knowledge share. Additionally, during Friday’s discussion, the floor will be open for you to bring forth additional questions or topics that you wish to address with your peers.

end-user corporate brands only


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