Innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are changing business as we know it, and they’re more accessible than ever. However, to truly harness AI’s transformational potential, we invite our leaders to come together to hear and learn how to walk the talk—taking AI from a space of concept and conversation to reality, where real-world use cases are proving to add incremental business value.

Join Execs In The Know for an exclusive virtual event From Conversation to Reality: Rapid-Fire AI for CX Use Cases – on February 29, 2024 (11:30 AM – 1:30 PM ET). This anticipated session will bridge the gap between AI concepts and real-world applications in CX. 

(End-User Corporate Brands Only)

Attendees will:  

  • See real-world AI use cases across industries and their business impact  
  • Learn how organizations move from concept to creation  
  • Hear about different approaches to leverage AI’s power 

Our expert panelists will be sharing an insider’s view, presenting concrete examples and case studies that illustrate the practical applications of AI across diverse industries.  

To learn more about becoming a sponsor, contact Scott Moberly at Scott@execsintheknow.com.


Discover how the promise of AI has translated into real-world practical implementations. Case by case, we’ll outline the scope of work and business value and drive into the critical aspects such as cost, effort, timeline, and risk assessment. 

Attendees will gain a valuable perspective of AI’s true potential. At the same time, also acquire insights into lessons learned and how to bypass common barriers and obstacles and address other important considerations.  

This is your opportunity to see how others have harnessed AI for CX success.

The Format

February 29, 2024 (11:30 AM - 1:30 PM ET)

As your host, Chad McDaniel, President of Execs In the Know, will feature several well-defined, business-relevant use cases that demonstrate AI’s value, which each participating panelist will present.

Attendees will have an opportunity to ask each panelist direct questions and, in summary, engage in an open discovery conversation with the entire panel.  

AI Use Case Panelists

Along with Chad, the Panel will share their breadth and depth of insights.

Customer Experience in the Age of AI


We understand how hard it is to navigate the sea of information and determine what is hype and what is relevant business opportunity. The AI for CX Use Cases event will get to the heart of real-world proven applications. Get ready to dive deep into compelling case studies that have delivered tangible business value by boosting team productivity, accelerating process optimization, improving customer experiences, and more.   

Reserve your spot today and be part of the conversation and learning. 


    CX corporate leaders seeking to transform their customer care and business strategies through innovative AI technologies are encouraged to attend.

    Vendor attendance at this event is limited to the participating panelists. 

    If you’re a vendor (provider of CX services/solutions) and want to learn more about becoming a sponsor, contact Scott Moberly at Scott@execsintheknow.com.


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